The Jackalope Freedom Festival is completely free, it’s spontaneous order camping that supports agorism and the NAP. There is no executive board or group of people in charge, there is no registration, camping or vending fees.

Do you or your band want to perform at the Jackalope Freedom Festival?

Stage and PA System provided.

Bands are encouraged to bring their own equipment, including a stage or stage area (tarp covered) to created their own music area. Colaborating with other bands is highly encouraged. Selling tickets to your Jackalope show, (there is no way to provide a segregated area, you would have to provide if you do not want all campers attending), however this is a great way to encourage more attendees and to pay your bands expenses, maybe even come out ahead.

Jackalopes love to hear music all day everywhere they go, so host an event at your camping location, or get hired to sing love songs. Plan a days worth of bands. Jackalope is at your creation.

Jackalopes abide by the Non aggression principle.

Musicians performing:

Fetti Profoun – Local Arizona Artist

Invite your favorite local musician. If you plan a fundraiser for your favorite artist, we will share the link here.